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    Helping people return to sexual health and regain their life.

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    There is hope for you and your relationship.

    Get your questions answered and pointed in the right direction.

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    Tried to stop, but failed?

    Is internet porn taking your life from you? You can stop. Call today and get help.

  • Love Addiction

    Love Addiction

    Keep finding yourself in love with people that hurt you?

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    Making Recovery Mobile

    Get the iPhone recovery applications.

  • Sex Addiction Mindfulness

    Start mindful living today!

    Learn how mindfulness can help you heal from addiction.

Sex Addiction Recovery Plan

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How we can help you.

Picking the right place for care can be difficult. Here are a few reasons why you should pick Novus.

Community Education

We want to reach out to the community. Part of our mission is to bring healing to people struggling with behavioral addictions through education.